Real Estate Executive Group

As one of the leading real estate investors in the Balkans, we own and operate properties in attractive markets.

We choose to locate our properties in the center of the city, and in neighborhoods with strong growth potential. Our portfolio includes business offices, logistics, hospitality, and self-storage across the region.

Our goal is to generate strong returns for our partners and investors while protecting them against downside risks, as well as to provide a unique experience to our customers.

Our assets are diversified by sector and geography, reducing exposure to movement in any single market, thus minimizing the volatility.

Since 2010 we are setting new business standards in the field of real estate while creating unique business opportunities for our partners and investors through high-quality development of all projects.



Sustainable and profitable growth
Asset growth
Achieve a higher return on equity
Increase new cash inflow


Maximise tenant safisfaction
Add and retain high-value tenants
Increase revenue per tenant


Increase employees’ competency
Increase employees’ responsibility
Improve activities



Return on assets
Return on equity
Cost/income ratio
Revenue from new projects
Market share in terms of asset


Tenant satisfaction index
Tenant loyalty index
Tenant retention ratio
Number of tenants’ complaints
New tenant acquisition rate


New revenue per employee
Number of errors per employee

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More Than Ten Years of Experience

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment, you need an expert on your side, someone that will assist you with strategic decisions and guide you with industry best practices and the latest real estate updates.

Our team of specialists started a successful real estate company that has been working for more than ten years. Since 2010 we’ve established new business standards in real estate while creating unique business opportunities for our partners and investors.

Our knowledge and expertise guide our clients through the tough real estate market, helping them make the best deals. We operate from cities across the Balkan region, thus reducing exposure to movement in any single market and minimizing the volatility.

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Making Positive Impact

Because we care, our strategy is to consider the assets that follow the principle of green construction to be unique on the market and preserve the environment.

We are seeking to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings through improved efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, development space, and the ecosystem at large.

Our green architecture is focused on utilizing renewable energy sources, thus providing renewable energy solutions thanks to the latest-generation solar panels.

In recent decades we have witnessed intense quarrying activities that have led to severe ecosystem damage. We are focused on ecosystem rehabilitation by turning the abandoned quarries into beautiful neighborhoods with spacious green areas.

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