Solar Plant

There are many ways to reach sustainability goals in any industry. At REX Real Estate Executive Group, we care a lot about making
a positive impact on our environment.

Because we care, Our strategy is to consider the assets that follow the principle of green construction to be unique on the market
and preserve the environment.

Solar power plants are a big step forward and a positive example of how large,
complex systems can think ‘green’ and be at the forefront of sustainable development in the community.

At this moment, the first phase is under constriction (preparation of studies and conceptual design-deadline at the end of the year 2022.
The complete project has III phases. Planned completion of the entire project by the end of 2023.


General Information

Valbonasa is a village in Medulin and has about 41 residents.
Valbonasa is situated nearby to Vinkuran, and close to Vintijan.

The monthly total of sun hours over the year in Pula (Istria), Croatia.

Average monthly sun hours in Medulin, Croatia:

On average, July is the sunniest month with 300 hours of sunshine.
December has on average the lowest amount of sunshine with 90 hours.
The average annual amount of sun hours is: 2150 hours.

ADDRESS: Valbonasa, Croatia