People Want to Go Green

The expression ‘going green’ is frequently in use nowadays. Most of the global population is finally aware of all the problems we have due to the bad treatment of our home – planet Earth. Pointing fingers is elusive. It is time to act.

Going green means making smart, sustainable decisions for our future. To respect nature so it can provide us with abundance. To keep this planet safe and healthy for generations to come, we need to ask ourselves how can we help? Living according to sustainable standards is a great way to start. Recycle and reuse, cut the pollution, use renewable energy sources, and use less plastic. To achieve the goal, it’s not just individuals but businesses that should turn green.

The green concept brings no harm to the environment. A sustainable building creates a positive environmental impact from the foundation to the rooftop.

Going green in the real estate world

The real estate world is also going through changes. The idea of sustainable building is on the move, and we want to approach that concept. What does it mean to have sustainable or ‘green’ buildings? Green buildings fulfill the modern life requirements since they were built in a way that preserves our future and the future of our planet. The green concept brings no harm to the environment. A sustainable building creates a positive environmental impact from the foundation to the rooftop. Some of the sustainable building key features are:

  • utilization of non-toxic materials
  • utilization of renewable energy resources such as solar power
  • efficient use of resources such as water
  • reduced pollution
  • better waste reduction management
  • recycling and reusing materials
  • good indoor air quality
  • changing little to none of the natural environment
  • careful placement of the buildings to use most of the natural light, airflow, and similar sources to minimize the use of air-conditioning
  • ecosystem rehabilitation
  • good insolation

Examples of green buildings in the world

1) Taipei’s Public Library, Taipei, Taiwan, China

The public library in Taipei is the first green library in Thailand. Besides the great view, the large windows of the library help with saving power and water. The building has two stores and photovoltaic cells on the roof that generate energy and help collect rainwater for the toilets.

2) Pixel Building, Melbourne, Canada

This building is a prototype office of the future and officially the first carbon-neutral building in Australia. Its design helps the airflow moves freely, giving the workers fresh air without power. It also has a green roof with solar panels to produce electricity and collect water.

3) Max City, Pula, Croatia

We are humbled to present to you one of our projects in Croatia – Max City Shopping Mall. Max City is an example of how a large shopping mall can support the ‘go green’ idea. With over 2000 solar panels on the rooftop and two solar plants, Max City annually produces more than 900,000 kWh of electricity. This amount of electricity is enough to power 240 medium-sized households for an entire year.

Nature is our treasure. To keep it safe, we should move in a green direction while facing the challenges of the modern world. Should we try harder, any building can become a green building.

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